The Vision Fund Giving Circle recognizes donors who have committed at least three years of investment in expanding CKA’s work and reach across the U.S. and the world. Their philanthropic support and long-term investment of CKA amplify the voice and influence of our communities and shape today’s and tomorrow’s Korean American leaders across sectors and for generations to come. We are so honored and grateful for their unwavering commitment and how they champion our work to build and transform a future for all of us.

Gingko – 은행나무 (Longevity)

Gingko – 은행나무 (Longevity)

Eugene & Carol Choi

Gideon & Susie Yu

Michelle Rhyu & Steve Neal

Peter & Jihee Huh/PAFCO

Oak – 참나무 (Stability)

Oak – 참나무 (Stability)

David Kim & June Lee

Dow Kim Family Foundation

Maple 단풍나무 (Strength)

Maple 단풍나무 (Strength)

Bill & Mary Kim

Brian Byun & SoYong Park

C.S. & Jin Park

David & Lillian Chun

Kee & Susan Park

Michael Keyoung

Salle Yoo & Jeffrey Gray

Suzanne Yoon

Yul Kwon

*This recognition does not apply to annual donors who meet the cumulative amount threshold.
**The list is renewable annually and is based on gifts made by an individual and his/her spouse