Our 6E Initiatives

In 2019, CKA launched six new initiatives to strengthen our community and drive for greater impact. Click below for more info.

Korean American Perspectives

The Korean American Perspectives Podcast series aims to explore complex issues that shape the Korean American community and share the inspirational life stories of Korean American leaders.

National Convenings


CKA’s fourth annual National Summit & Gala convened in November 2018, gathering Korean American leaders from government, business, academia, and entertainment in our nation’s capital to reflect on key issues and celebrate our contributions to the United States.


The INSPIRE gala was hosted in 2018 as a celebration of Korean American excellence in design, performance, sport, and esports, and our community’s creativity, ingenuity, and influence.


The Embrace Unity gala was hosted in 2017 to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of the 1992 LA riots. CKA members, the Korean American community, and other community groups came together to raise funds for nonprofits serving underserved youth in ethnic communities.

Leadership Development

The Korea American legacy depends on cultivating the next generation of leaders. Each year, we bring together the best and brightest Korean Americans from around the country to explore issues of identity, build networks, and lift our community’s voice. The next generation of Korean Americans will be the leaders who ensure our voice continues to be heard.
The CKA-KALCA Public Service Internship Program places college & graduate students in full-time summer internships throughout DC & NY and provides a generous scholarship per student. We also provide high-impact leadership training and closed-door mentoring with senior Asian American leaders throughout the summer, including CKA members, influencers, policymakers, and opinion makers.
CKA’s annual mentorship conferences introduce youth, students, and young professionals to business leaders and leading professionals from numerous disciplines. Through these conferences, we provide guidance & mentorship to the next generation of Korean American leaders and focus on inspiring civic engagement across industries and professions.
Across the country, CKA has hosted a series of Enrichment Dinners, civic dinners with senior mentors and experts to explore professional development themes and share wisdom, life experiences, and insights. The goal is to provide a space to learn from each other and get targeted advice in a small, intimate setting.
CKA’s Elevate training will focus on practical leadership development, ranging from public speaking to media training to fundraising. CKA’s inaugural Elevate Training was held on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at Columbia University, in partnership with the Asian American Journalists Association to train attendees on how to publish op-eds and prepare for on-camera interviews.

Community Outreach

The need for community building and civic activism among Korean Americans is greater now than ever before. CKA promotes community building and civic activism to influence issues that impact us, whether domestic or international. We collaborate with partner organizations to improve race relations, educate voters, and speak up on the issues that impact our community. Our members and staff educate Congress, media and decision makers, and CKA speaks up through op-eds, interviews, and briefings.
2018 CKA Event Locations

A: Seattle, WA

B: Los Angeles, CA

C: San Francisco, CA

D: Dallas, TX

E: Washington, DC

F: Boston, MA

G: New York City, NY

Community Partnerships

Honoring Our Heroes

Nomination of Colonel Young Oak Kim for the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom