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Our eleventh and final episode of Korean American Perspectives features Dr. Stephanie Han, award-winning author of Swimming in Hong Kong.

Many of us grew up reading books and novels, often very strongly identifying with the characters or stories we grew up with. But it’s difficult when we don’t see ourselves represented in books or literature, and for many Asian American writers and authors, it’s intimidating to be the first. Stephanie tells us that we must be brave and make that leap, both for ourselves and for others in our communities.

Stephanie Han is a 3rd-generation Korean American award-winning writer. She shares great insights into how we can teach ourselves and our children to enjoy reading books, practice how we write and develop our inner voices, and explore what it truly means to be Korean American. Stephanie’s story is inspiring to future writers, parents of young readers, literary enthusiasts, and anyone who is curious about how our identities are shaped.