Our Mission

CKA’s mission is to advance the national voice and influence
of the Korean American community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a vibrant Korean American community that is a driving force in shaping an inclusive American society with equal opportunities for all to thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as the celebrated national leadership organization representing the voice, interest, and future of the Korean American community.

Our Priorities

CKA believes that the diversity, talent, and cultural richness of the Korean American community have much to offer the United States and the world. These contributions are most impactful when the community is aligned and unified around common goals and purposes.

Thus, to help focus our efforts, CKA promotes four core priorities:

Amplify Voice

Strengthen the voice of Korean American leaders in the media and public policy arena and leverage their influence to shape important issues affecting our community

Build Community

Strengthen communication and collaboration among Korean American leaders across sectors and regions, and improve relations with other ethnic and racial groups

Celebrate Identity

Strengthen Korean American ties across generations; educate the public about Korean American history, culture, and arts; and celebrate Korean American role models

Develop Leaders

Provide training for emerging, professional, and executive-level leaders and establish a community where leaders can mentor and invest in future generations

Ultimately, we envision a Korean American community that works to advance its voice and influence by empowering leaders, building bridges, and actively giving back to address the needs of our community and world.

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As a growing immigrant community in the United States, we need to build and empower Korean American leaders. Discover how you can be part of this growing organization.