Ron Kim

Ron Kim

Member of New York Assembly

Metro Region: New York

Member Since: 2022

Ron Kim represents the 40th District of the New York State Assembly. He is the first and only Korean-American ever elected to the New York State Legislature. Elected in 2012, Ron’s public policy solutions have gained national attention and garnered him the reputation as a key leader in the economic development policy space. Most notably, Ron made global news by standing up to former governor Andrew Cuomo for lying and covering up life and death data that could have been used to save people’s lives. Ron has since repealed Cuomo’s deadly policies, restoring and strengthening older people’s right to quality care.

Ron also made national news by being the first public official to lead the opposition against Amazon HQ2. His policy stance led to a larger discussion around corporate subsidies, economic development, and the rate of return of these investments. Since then, Ron catalyzed a nationwide inter-state compact, with nearly 20 state representatives, who legislatively agree to end the “race to the bottom” competition designed to lure mega-corporations into their states. His latest legislative initiative, The Inclusive Value Ledger (IVL), is a transformational new savings and payments platform that will massively accelerate value creation, reward undervalued work – carework, and steadily grow the health and wealth of New York State citizens, businesses, and communities. The digital technology that undergirds the IVL enables New Yorkers to generate, capture, and exchange value that has gone untapped for centuries.