Paul Mang

Chief Innovation Officer,
Guidewire Software

Location: Chicago

Member Since: 2017

Paul Mang is the Chief Innovation Officer at Guidewire Software. Guidewire is based in California, but serves clients in the financial services sector around the globe. Paul was formerly the Global CEO of Analytics at Aon plc. Paul was also a partner at McKinsey & Company and a leader in its North American financial services group. Over 14 years at McKinsey, in both the Chicago and London offices, he has counseled numerous clients on issues across strategy, organization and operations. Prior to joining McKinsey, Paul was an Assistant Professor of Management at The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of Business. Paul is currently on the boards of several tech startups in the US and UK.

Paul holds a doctorate from Harvard University, and MS engineering and BA degrees from Stanford University. He and his wife Alicia support various mission organizations in China and NK. Paul has served on the Board of Regents of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for the last 10 years.