Grace Yoo

Grace Yoo


Metro Region: Los Angeles

Member Since: 2022

Grace Yoo is a public policy advocate and implementer. She has spent the past 30 years advocating on behalf of foster care youth, working-class families, seniors and neighbors in all walks and stages of life.

Grace began her legal career representing abused and neglected children as an attorney in Los Angeles County’s Edelman Children’s Court. In 2000, she became Executive Director for the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, where she spearheaded efforts related to voting rights, language access, and diversifying the judges who served on the courts to ensure fair representation and to better reflect the population they served.

In 2005, as the Executive Director of the Korean American Coalition, Grace Yoo became a staunch advocate for youth, non-English speakers, immigrants, and the needs of underserved communities. She has also served as a Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Commissioner including four years as Vice President for four years.

Grace is currently the Public Affairs Specialist at St. Barnabas Senior Services, which works to empower diverse older adults to Live Well, Feel Well and Age Well in the community.

Grace Yoo was a candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 10 in 2020. The person who beat her was a 30-year politician, who in 2021 was stripped of his voting privileges and banned from joining Council meetings due to a grand jury indictment consisting of 20 criminal counts, including federal bribery and conspiracy.