Gene Cho

Gene Cho


Metro Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Member Since: 2022

Gene Young Cho is an Executive Director at CG Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. subsidiary of CrystalGenomics (a publicly-traded South Korean biopharma company), and the managing partner at Valuence Capital. He brings leadership and a strong voice from his experience in operations and governance of companies and expertise in the life sciences. As a life science consultant for L.E.K., Dr. Gene Cho worked across various sectors, including biopharmaceuticals, contract services, medical devices, healthcare services, HCIT, digital health, and AI. Some of his specific experiences include working on significant M&A transactions, supporting target identification for acquisition, pipeline development strategies, and optimizing governance structures of fast-growing biotech companies. He also brings substantial experience in Asia markets through his professional and personal background with a growing network focused on supporting emerging technologies and startups.

Dr. Cho received his Ph.D. from the NYU School of Medicine in biomedical imaging under the guidance of Dr. Dan Sodickson and Dr. Eric Sigmund. He also worked as a post-doc at Memorial Sloan Kettering, focusing on breast cancer imaging. Dr. Cho is also the author of over 20 publications in journals and several conference abstracts during his time as a researcher.