CKA is a nonprofit organization of successful Korean American leaders. From business, medicine, and law to the arts, academia, and government, we are driven to give back to the next generation. Our dream is to advance opportunity for our community across America, the land we love, and to build strong bridges to Korea, the land where we are from. We pledge to mentor our young people so they can fully engage in our society and help them achieve meaningful success. Ultimately, our guidance will empower them to become tomorrow’s leaders. Then they can pay it forward, too.


CKA is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of successful Korean American leaders. Our mission is to increase the voice, visibility, and influence of the Korean American community and to advance Korean American leadership everywhere.


We imagine a dynamic future in which Korean Americans have opportunities to lead communities, serve America and create a better world. We believe in the promise of America – and that our community’s talent and energy will contribute to its ongoing greatness.


  • Public Leadership
  • Civic Engagement
  • Thoughtful Mentorship
  • Proactive Collaboration

Our Priorities


Advance our influence in business, culture and society.
Today Korean Americans are under-represented as leaders in the public and private sectors. This is a clear detriment to our diverse nation. CKA will work tirelessly to help our community rise to positions of influence.


Invest in building a new generation of American leaders.
We have realized success as individuals. Now, our duty is to connect with young Korean Americans and help them become active citizens and future leaders. Sharing our wisdom will help nurture and empower young people and create new opportunities.


Compel our community to engage in the political process.
Society’s values are often defined by public leaders, many of whom are elected. Therefore we must build a political infrastructure to help our community participate fully in American democracy. We will truly see our voice in action as we help set our nation’s agenda.


Raise awareness and stimulate dialogue about affairs on the Korean Peninsula.
We are a community of immigrants from a distant country with a rich history and complex outlook. CKA’s concerns about security and peace on the peninsula transcend ideological, political, and generational lines. We must promote both understanding and change.


Promote a positive and united image of Korean Americans.
Korean Americans are victims of racism and discrimination like other minorities. When we are slighted, we must confront it head on. We aim to be proactive and convey a healthy image that challenges old stereotypes, even if we unconsciously accept them.

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