Our Mission

CKA’s mission is to advance the national voice, interest, and influence of the Korean American community through education, collaboration, and leadership development. We connect, equip, and cultivate Korean American leaders for greater impact and public engagement. We promote collaboration with other ethnic, racial, and international groups in order to advance the interests of the 1.8 million-strong Korean American community in the United States.

Our Vision

At CKA, we envision a community that invests in each other and in future leaders. We aspire to a world in which Korean American leaders serve at the highest levels in society. We strive for a world in which Korean Americans maintain cultural, ethnic, and generational alliances with other communities in pursuit of the common good.

Events & Initiatives

CKA believes that the diversity, talent and cultural richness of the Korean American community have much to offer the United States and the world. Our community’s impact and influence are greatest when we are aligned and unified for the purposes of engaging with public service, building community, and raising our voice.

Connect with CKA

As a growing immigrant community in the United States, we need to build and empower Korean American leaders. Discover ways that you can be part of this growing organization.