The CKA Philanthropist Award recognizes Korean Americans who donate a significant portion of their wealth to worthy causes and—through their giving—encourage and inspire others to do the same.
Chemist Myung Ki Hong founded DuraCoat Products, Inc. in 1986 at the urging of his wife after a 26-year career in the automotive paint industry in which he faced prejudice and discrimination. He turned his expertise, hard work, and a $20,000 investment into a highly successful business.

By keeping his company private, Dr. Hong has been able to donate to worthy causes as he desires—pledging and giving tens of millions of dollars to help the Korean American community after Sa-I-Gu (“four-two-nine” in Korean, referencing the date the LA Riots started in 1992).

In 2001, he established the Bright World Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation, in his words, was to help build the sense of community by bridging the gap among different cultural groups through productive and effective engagement.

CKA invites you to join our 2015 Philanthropist Award recipient at our Gala and Awards Dinner on Friday, October 23 to learn more about Dr. Hong’s amazing life and to be inspired to do your part for the Korean American community and American society.

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