6E Initiatives

In 2019, CKA launched six critical initiatives entitled, “Engage, Enlighten, Enrich, Elevate, Empower, and Envision” (6Es) to achieve this mission. Our organization will focus on hosting meaningful networking events, sharing Korean American stories through new media channels, and rolling out innovative professional development programs.
CKA will organize national conferences of leading experts and professionals to connect, inspire and equip leaders with the soft skills and insights needed to uplift Korean American communities across the country and around the world. CKA’s inaugural Empower conference will be held in November 2019 in Washington, DC, where we will provide practical skills and insights, as well as exploring key ideas and issues affecting Korean Americans and Asian Americans.
CKA strives towards connecting and mobilizing Korean American leaders to promote mentorship, collaboration, and volunteerism in different regions. To mobilize the Korean American community, two ingredients are essential: Communication and Organization. Engagement addresses these two underlying needs by creating an exclusive digital Community Platform for our members and launching Action Task Forces (ATFs).
At CKA, we believe in the importance of lifelong education and growth. We strive to provide learning opportunities to sharpen leadership skills for our members and the broader Korean American leadership community. Through Elevate, CKA will provide professional development training weekends for small groups of leaders around the country on both tactical and soft skills that are essential for effective management, networking, and communication.
One of CKA’s unique assets is the experience and wisdom of our diverse membership community. Connecting members with each other and outside leaders through meaningful engagement is an important value added for being a part of this community. To facilitate these interactions, CKA will organize two types of Enrichment programs, Civic Dinners, and Executive Forums, to deepen ties among CKA members and with senior leaders outside the Korean American communities through civic meal forums and meaningful conversations.
To promote greater awareness of CKA’s mission and share the concerns of the Korean American community, CKA needs strong media channels to connect with the broader public. To achieve this goal, we will develop two important Enlightenment communication platforms – a new national CKA podcast entitled Korean American Perspectives and an enhanced dynamic website.
The Envision Retreat is a three-day retreat where we welcome 20 to 25 key senior stakeholders and donors to discuss how to elevate our national community. We will convene in locations such as Yellowstone and Oahu, we gather stakeholders to be inspired, build relationships, and learn about the long-term vision of CKA. Together, we will create exclusive networking opportunities with movers and shakers of the Korean American community, as well as engage in discussions about the future of CKA.

2019 Empower Conference

CKA’s Empower Conference: November 1-2, 2019 in Washington, DC

Join us this November for CKA’s largest public event of the year

At CKA’s inaugural Empower Conference, we will connect, inspire, and equip Korean American professionals and aspiring leaders for greater impact through multi-disciplinary workshops, round table discussions, breakout sessions, plenaries, and more. Attendees will explore issues that affect Korean Americans and Asian Americans, with topics including entrepreneurship, women in executive leadership, soft-skills in the workplace, civic engagement within the Asian American community, and diversity in the entertainment industry. The Empower Conference will open with a welcome dinner reception on Friday, November 1, 2019 and conclude with a progressive dinner on Saturday, November 2, 2019 across Washington, DC. Registration will open August 1, 2019, stay updated.